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Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes
Church Building Fundraiser Information 
1 Chronicles 28:10 
Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong, and do it.”
GOAL: To obtain an official church building location.

PURPOSE: To preach and teach the urgent end-time message of the Lord Jesus Christ and to disciple the masses in this late hour to prepare hearts for the coming Day of the Lord.

DIFFERENCE: In the midst of so much contemporary Gospels being preached Churches and ministers have more platform than ever before but lack in extreme deficiency when it comes to the depth, Power and Truth of the Word of God. Evangelist Anita and Pastor Ignacio Fuentes brings forth a divine mandate by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to preach, teach and disciple the uncompromising End-Time message of the Lord Jesus Christ that the "Day of the Lord is at hand..."

RECOGNITION'S: We are honored to have preached this message to well over 40 million people worldwide in 190 nations via our on-line telecast, conferences, radio and television through our Open Your Eyes People broadcast and EMOAF School of Ministry in just the small span of 7 years. By the Grace of God we have seen countless lives saved, delivered and healed through the outreach of this End-Time Ministry.

WHY GIVE HERE: This ministry has been tested and proven by the crucible of God's mighty hand having come out as pure gold. The ground of this ministry is fertile, Anointed and producing and your giving will be multiplied by the God who increases you. 

"We take the call of the commission of Jesus Christ and the word of the Lord concerning the last days message seriously. Your part in helping us reach this goal will constitute the final clarion call of the Lord that His Day is coming and if any one have an ear to hear let Him hear what the Spirit of the Living God says. 
The Great God Jehovah bless you."

In Jesus name, Amen.

Evangelist Anita and Pastor Ignacio Fuentes
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